f1 2013 model Progress.

Hi guys well the lotus showed there car. And offcourse i could not not mod it xD So here is the FIRST shot. More will follow but this is the rough shape later it will be more done ;) FIrst the basic model has to be done then ill make the details better ;)


so second demo. (this car gives more mixed feelings then a woman can!) it shows differents between the renders (exhaust for 1)


Offcourse i am gonne make the f138 to it has good pics so more easy. renault i need to see what is the real one… because there are 2 version! :S:S:S:S Wing different at the airintake 1 has on the side of that 2 holes also and 1 does not… The exhaust different the frontwing different the sidebords different and so on… And the same car… But yet so many differents… Anyway progress shots f138[ATTACH=CONFIG]1642[/ATTACH]

Update on ferrari (not working on lotus because i dont have it on my laptop and i am at school xD)


one again just before i go home xD[ATTACH=CONFIG]1644[/ATTACH]

and one again xD Backwing and frontwing and some more spec 2012. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1645[/ATTACH]

Funny how the pictures line up it starts at the left slowly going in a straight line to the right:P

Backwing progress[ATTACH=CONFIG]1699[/ATTACH]

‚render‘ ish of the backwing. A FAST render with mapping on it (backwings are easy hahaha)[ATTACH=CONFIG]1700[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH=CONFIG]1701[/ATTACH] so a clay render demo ish

2008 in 2013 model xD


Update. Frontwing worked on more. The mirrors and the things below that. The floor and the things below the suspension. And well some edit on the body your guys cannot see yet ;)


Another fusion xD Update on real will come ;) [ATTACH=CONFIG]1788[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1789[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1790[/ATTACH]

update f138


I love this car. I think we can make it as you decribe it in PN.

But pssst ;-)

Thnx you like it :D Good to hear hehe:P But the ferrari or the fusion version hahah xD

fusion ;-)

Habe ich da die zahl 2014 zwischen den Zeilen gelesen? ;-)

Stefan Zagozen wrote:
Habe ich da die zahl 2014 zwischen den Zeilen gelesen? ;-)

Psstttt Stefan....... ;-)

Hat ja keiner gehört…